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One of a kind brooches, clips, necklaces and bracelets, restyled to add the perfect touch to your wedding look!
Monogrammed Veils: As the originator of the monogrammed bridal veil, Kristina Eaton has created many unique, beautiful and original designs... All of the monogrammed veils in the collection feature original custom lettering, framing and embroidery that is unequalled within the industry.
Your custom monogram will be individually drawn and embroidered by hand onto your choice of veiling using beautiful thread work, beading, lace and exclusive techniques by Kristina’s team of veil artisans.
Lace Veils & Mantillas: All of the lace veils and mantillas in the Kristina Eaton collection feature beautiful high-quality laces, selected and imported from around the world. These laces are hand-trimmed and hand sewn onto each veil.
Embroidered Veils: Each unique and beautiful design is hand stitched and hand beaded onto each veil... Choose custom thread colors or add a ruffled detail to perfectly create an incredible keepsake of your wedding day!
Silk Tulle Veils: The finest and most luxurious of veils... hand-cut and sewn for your special day!
Birdcage Veils: Perfect for an outdoor wedding! Choose from French tulle or Russian tulle with a variety of details! Add a detailed comb to finish the look.
Veil Restoration: A unique service that offers you the opportunity to restyle a piece from a friend or family member!
Modern Veils: A new take on the tradition of wearing a veil for your wedding... Beautiful tulle created as wraps, shrugs, sashes, or clean simple hair accessories!
Hair Accessories: Combs, clips and accents featuring beautiful embroidery, French silk flowers, and flirty feather fascinators are just a few options.
Belts & Sashes: A great way to add color and style to your gown...Choose from silk, tulle, or French ribbons and add details such as hand-made flowers, elegant embroidery, or a vintage brooch.
Vintage Jewelry: One of a kind brooches, clips, necklaces and bracelets, restyled to add the perfect touch to your wedding look!
Gifts & Accessories: Antique toasting glasses, cake servers, paper goods, and other unique items to help celebrate your wedding day!

For ideas and inspiration, view the Something Tulle collection Gallery!

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